Amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium brand names

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Clavulanate is used to treat many different infections caused by bacteria, such as sinusitis, pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, and infections of the skin.

Amoxicillin clavulanate brand names : The following are brand name formulations of clavulanate for the treatment gonorrhea: Lipid Peroxide: (1) Lipid Peroxide 0.5% (100 mL) to 1.0% (750 or more concentration Clavulanate 1, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-10-amine (MDMA)-0.5% (10 mL) to 3.0% (1 or more concentration Osmotic Filtration: Osmotic filtration of clavulanate at room temperature is done by using a glass filter paper in 1- to 2-inch (2- 4-cm) tube. The paper is immersed in solution. This procedure allows the drug to diffuse into tissues. Clavulanate has been reported to be used in patients who have previously developed hypersensitivity to clavulanic acid. Pulmonary Delivery: Clavulanate in pulmonary infusion is used to treat pneumococcal disease in children. Children who refuse the use of oral clavulanate doses are given the drug intravenously. Oral dosages of up to 1,500 mg/day clavulanate per dose unit are prescribed for short periods over a few days. Pulmonary Administration of clavulanate to patients with gonorrhea is not indicated as it may cause an increased risk of pneumonia. Indications and Usage of Lactobacillus Halimimum: Lactobacillus Halimimum (Oral): For the treatment of gonorrhea in children. Dosage should not exceed 500 mg/day to avoid excessive growth. For the treatment of HIV-1 infection. Dosage should not exceed 400 mg/day to avoid excessive growth. Topical Formulas: For external use only. Topical Saline: Sodium fluoride is a non-absorbable solution that contains 0.8% hydrogen fluoride (HF). When HF is applied to the genital areas, effect of this substance is to prevent bacterial invasion into the vagina. Other forms of oral clavulanate (for external use only): Dosage may not be indicated when topical clavulanate forms a thin film on the genital skin. C. spp. C. rectus C. vaginalis R. ovale R. spp. R. clavulanum C. ovale R. spp. R. clavulanum Antimicrobial activity Dosage form Streptococcal pharyngofimbriae/Gonorrhea Fungal bacterium of the family Clavicipitaceae, with molecular structure identical to that of Clavulanic Acid, although not belonging to the same subfamily. Clavulanic acid is a powerful inhibitor of pathogenic S. pneuma that has also bacteriostatic and antiulcer properties. Dosage form S. aureus Fungal bacterium of the family Clavicipitaceae, with molecular structure identical to that of Clavulanic Acid, although not belonging to the same subfamily. Clavulanolide, an active metabolite of clavulanic acid, has bacteriostatic and anticancer properties. Although clavulanolide acts by inhibition of a specific virulence factor in S. aureus, its activity is not completely understood. It has been used in anti-Gonorrhea therapy. Parenteral Treatment of gonorrhea has been accomplished by injection into the genital area with a dilute anesthetic solution. The aim is to decrease inflammation and the damage caused by infection. dosage is given in three doses at bedtime, and no later than three hours after the beginning of sexual activity. Topical Clavulanate may be used on the genital site and in oropharynx. Some of the active components clavulanate have been found to.

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