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Sikupilli Shopping Center benefits in a number of ways from a remote energy monitoring system installed at last autumn, which allows for automatic data transfer and analysis of consumption data.

Sikupilli Shopping Center. Photo: AU Energiateenus

Sikupilli Shopping Center. Photo: AU Energiateenus

Accurate and timely data is received from Energiateenus system in order to arrange settlements with the tenants. There are no disruptions to the primary activity of tenants by collecting consumption data, as the data will automatically be transferred to the central system on the right date. Maintenance technicians have more time to deal with other customer problems thanks to the smart system, as they no longer need to descend to basements, ascend above ceilings or navigate storage areas to check meter readings. Time, effort and money are hence saved by all parties. Furthermore, the energy monitoring system facilitates the monitoring and correction of consumption patterns. This results in reduced consumption, lower bills and avoided pollution, being therefore beneficial to the environment and society as a whole.

“The implementation of an energy monitoring system has made the shopping center’s energy consumption data collection and processing much faster and more convenient – the structure of the center’s management system has been taken into account in the presentation of the data and the system has been smoothly implemented,” commented Lembi Koit, Manager of Sikupilli Shopping Center.

The installed energy monitoring system consists of smart monitoring devices linked through a cloud monitoring platform. The system is based on a Levira IoT software solution and on an EcoScada monitoring and visualization platform using Adeunis PULSE devices and Kamstrup Multical 21 smart water meters which are working on the Sigfox network, managed by Connected Baltics in Estonia.

Electricity meter Photo: AU Energiateenus

Electricity meter Photo: AU Energiateenus

A total of eight heat meters, 41 electricity meters and 17 water meters, including the main water meter which belongs to Tallinna Vesi, were made remotely readable. The automatic system is very comfortable for users: an annoying and sometimes inaccurate manual collection of readings has been replaced by a system that delivers monthly readings seamlessly, which are then used for billing the tenants accurately and on time. In addition, monitoring the platform’s algorithms allows for the detection of leaks and anomalies by sending a message to the administrator or customer if consumption is hampered by conventional consumption.

A PULSE device functions like a radio transmitter and can be used for transforming any type of meter with pulse outputs into a smart meter. The Kamstrup Multical ® 21 solution offers an opportunity to measure water consumption in an effective way. In addition, the device has a battery with a lifespan of 16 years, meaning the meter doesn’t have to be replaced that often. In the event of irregularities that may occur in the measurement of water, the system transmits alerts in real time – it gives the system operator the opportunity to respond quickly to leaks. The meter configuration is transformable through the Sigfox network, meaning that you no longer need to go to the site to modify the devices’ configuration, but the change can be made in the office using a computer. It was all possible thanks to Sigfox technology, which has enhanced smart metering functionality to drive energy efficiency in buildings.

Kamstrup MULTICAL®21 veearvesti. Foto: Energiateenuse fotopank

Kamstrup MULTICAL®21 water meter. Photo: AU Energiateenus

In addition to normal data collection, our system is distinguished from other automatic remote reading systems by daily automatic monitoring of consumption data and it is not necessary to drag cables throughout the building when setting up the system. The entire solution is made wireless.

Data from Sikupilli’s energy monitoring systems goes to the EcoScada monitoring platform, which is constantly monitored by the Energiateenus administrator and our customers can also access this platform. At the end of each month, the system automatically generates a monthly consumption report, which will be transmitted to an administrative company.

Sigfox’i IoT tehnoloogial põhinev monitooringuplatvorm. Foto: Energiateenuse fotopank

Energy monitoring system based on Sigfox IoT network. Photo: AU Energiateenus

“Instead of time-consuming work on paper and in Excel, working with a monitoring platform is a joy: just within a few minutes the month’s report is received, extracts made and the necessary data transmitted to customers in a suitable format. In addition, the data is stored safely and backed up in accordance with international standards. “commented Janar Küla, Energy Manager at Energiateenus.

Energiateenus has set up similar system in the Laulasmaa SPA, and soon the energy monitoring system in Haabersti Rimi is about to be completed.

“Installing an energy monitoring system based on Sigfox IoT network is a sensible decision for all real estate owners who prefer comfortable and accurate billing and a good overview of the building’s consumption,” added Martin Minin, Head of Construction and Maintenance Department at Energiateenus.

For more information about the energy monitoring systems:

Janar Küla
Energy Manager at AU Energiateenus
phone: +372 51 999 521

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