Energiateenus began providing the energy management system via the Internet of Things

Energiateenus built a solar power plant for the new extension of Lõunakeskus
Energiateenus alustas IoT ehk asjade interneti võrgu kaudu energia monitoorimissüsteemi pakkumist

Energiateenus has begun providing its first clients with the energy management system via the Internet of Things. Utilising the Internet of Things significantly increases the frequency and possibilities of transferring data.

Energiateenus IoT EMS

‘The eventual benefit of the Internet of Things for companies lies in the availability of data, which leads to better economic results. Monitoring and informed analysis helps to make smarter decisions that promote saving resources, incl. energy. IoT makes it possible to also monitor the data of buildings with no building automation. IoT significantly facilitates collecting data and increases the number of possibilities for transferring data,’ said Aivar Uutar, member of the management board of AU Energiateenus OÜ.

Energiateenus IoT EMS 2

AU Energiateenus OÜ collaborates with the telecommunications company Levira on the Internet of Things. Levira announced today that they would also start providing services via the Internet of Things. AU Energiateenus OÜ is Levira’s first partner in the provision of solutions intended for final customers.

Link to the press release.


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