Energiateenus held a seminar on monitoring energy costs

Asjade internet aitab energiakuludel silma peal hoida
Energiateenus korraldas energiakulude monitoorimise seminari

On 18 April, we held a seminar in Mektory Innovation Centre on the topic of monitoring energy costs via the Internet of Things (IoT). At this event, we introduced new trends in the field of transferring and monitoring data on energy costs. AU Energiateenus OÜ in collaboration with technology partners (Levira, Nordic Automation Systems, EcoSCADA) provides its clients with the full service of the energy management system (EMS).

Aivar Uutar from AU Energiateenus OÜ talked about the big picture – why is it wise to invest in EMS. This innovative platform enables incorporating remote meter mains and meters integrated into the engineering of the building, as well as turning ordinary meters into smart meters by adding a data transfer module operating on the technology of the Internet of Things. Benefits to the company arise from the increased reliability of acquiring and transferring consumption data, as well as from improved user friendliness. Less time is spent on gathering data and discovering consumption anomalies is much easier. Reports can be compiled at any time and adjusted to the user.

AU Energiateenus Energiakulude monitoorimissüsteem

Meelis Anton from Levira AS gave an overview of IoT trends and solutions for owners of commercial properties. Sensors operating based on the LoRaWAN Protocol enable turning meters into smart meters in a cost-efficient manner even in places with no transmission or electrical connections. The sensors are energy-efficient and thus able to operate on battery power for many years. The security of the solution is ensured by a unique sensor key, AES encryption, and a VPN tunnel.


Adam Blazowsky, representative of the visualisation software Ecoscada, introduced a platform which enables visualising the collected data and perform data analyses. With this platform, it is possible to detect consumption anomalies and plan measures that increase energy efficiency. In addition, the platform facilitates generating reports on consumption data and forward these to related parties. The platform has been implemented in thousands of buildings in Europe and helped property owners save significantly on energy costs.


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