Fresh insights from this weeks InterSolution fair in Benelux

Mis jäi joone alla? Lühikokkuvõte sel nädalal toimunud päikeseenergiamessilt Beneluxis.
Kadrioru Ärikeskus sai meie abiga BREEAM’i keskkonnasäästlikkuse sertifikaadi
The InterSolution in Benelux, one of the biggest fairs focused on solar energy, has just ended this week. We participated there as it is crucial to be up to date with the newest technology trends and in direct touch with various solar energy tech suppliers.

Jaak Urm, the head of renewable energy at Energiateenus, concludes his insights: „The energy independence is strongly trending term as companies are eager to establish their own power sources to be detached from volatile prices of power grids. Most certanly it will not happen in short time scope, but the awareness to be independent energy producer in one day is the first step on that journey. Secondly, energy communities are popping out as the result of new eco-friendly thinking and the roofs are becoming more and more popular places for energy production, especially in densely populated areas“.

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Posted by Andres Tarto